Angus & Oink Exodust Jerk Bacon Cure

Making bacon can be a very rewarding hobby, few things in life compare to your own home cured and smoked bacon!!
In our Angus & Oink way, we have developed some bangin’ seasoned curing salts for home cured bacon that add subtle flavours to the meat and give you a new flavour experience!

This 300g pack of cure is enough to cure 6Kg of pork.

Preparation Guidelines:

* Add cure at 5% by meat weight
* Cure pork at 1/2″ meat thickness per day plus 1 day
* Rinse cure from bacon and allow air dry minimum 2 days, longer if possible

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Endast 3 kvar i lager


Vikt 300 g

Ingredienser: salt, socker, koriander, peppar, vitlök, timjan, allkrydda, ingefära, kanel, kryddnejlika, muskot, limepulver, chili, rödpeppar, E 250 (natriumnitrit), E251 (natriumnitrat), E 301 (natriumaskorbat)