Angus & Oink Cherry Crush

Here it is! Our Limited Edition Rub of 2023!

This is a rub that PitBoss has wanted to created for a while now, but you know A&O aren’t about to create just another Cherry Rub, so our Willy Wonka of the Spice Factory got busy and created our very own Cherry Kola BBQ Rub!

Developed with only one thing in mind COLOUR!! This rub is sweet with a little bit of Chipotle heat, the tang of the sour cherry makes it perfect for pork or beef!
230 g

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Endast 2 kvar i lager


Vikt 500 g
Ingredienser: Socker, rökt paprika, salt, rödbetspulver, svartpeppar, chiliflingor, chilipulver, kaffe, 
lökgranulat, mangopulver, naturliga smakämnen, spiskumminpulver, citronsyra, kiseldioxid (antiklumpning), 
mononatriumglutamat, dinatriuminosinat