Angus & Oink Jack & Coke BBQ Rub

It’s official. We created the American BBQ Dream right here. Sweet with fruit and sugar and a little heat from our delicate blend of chillies and spices, this rub is the one for making Porky Cola Cubes! Yee hah!

Simply rub all over your pork or chicken, cook and then make a tasty JD and Cola reduction sauce from the natural juices. Try it, you’ll love it!!

Ingredients (Allergens in CAPS & BOLD)
Sugar, Salt, Fruit powders (Orange, lemon, Lime, Pineapple), Coriander, Anise, Black pepper, Chilli Powder, Vanilla Sugar, Cinnamon, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide (<3% as anti-caking agent). Flavour enhancers (E621 & E631).

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Vikt 300 g
Ingredienser: Socker, salt, fruktpulver (apelsin, citron, lime, ananas), koriander, anis, svartpeppar, 
chilipulver, vaniljsocker, kanel, citronsyra, kiseldioxid (<3% som antiklumpningsmedel). 
Smakförstärkare (E621 & E631).