Angus & Oink Sweet Bones And Butts Rub

Sweet Bones & Butts Rub

A tool in the locker for making those bones sing! We worked on Sweet Bones & Butts for over a year, sourcing the best ingredients, balancing flavours, colour and sweetness. Our blend of the finest Maple and Javanese sugars dark richness delivers the caramel of delicious bone candy.

This is awesome on a juicy pork shoulder – cover and leave to marinade all night before smoking. Pair it up with Porky White Chick for added chipotle heat and glaze those ribs with Glazed & Confused for the ultimate prize fighting rack.

Great for:

  • Chicken thighs
  • Wings
  • Pork Ribs
  • Epic Pulled Pork

    Add extra spice from Hot & Hostile with our Sweet Bones & Butts RUb, and see our OMG PORK deep penetration meat injection for added flavour and moisture retention.

  • Gluten Free

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