GrillEye Max

GrillEye ® PRO Plus har utgått till förmån för den uppdaterade och vässade produkten GrillEye Max. Information nedan på engelska direkt från tillverkaren.
GrillEye® Max is the first instant, ultra-precise smart thermometer for your grill or smoker that notifies you when your food is ready, wherever you are. It totally unchains you from the pit and brings you perfect results every time.

Enjoy accuracy of ±0.1°C / 0.18°F from just 2 seconds and prepare the best food for your beloved, without losing a moment with them!

use your GrillEye® Max on
use it on anything you want to measure, making sure to follow the safety guidelines.

In the box:
1x GrillEye® Max, instant & ultra precise smart thermometer
2x GrillEye® Iris, instant & ultra precise meat and ambient temperature probes
2x Probe wraps
2x Clips for ambient temperature readings
1x Quick user manual
1x USB type-C cable for charging
1x Micro-fiber cloth for cleaning the device

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The GrillEye® Hyperion app
GrillEye® Max works with the GrillEye® Hyperion app, the application that introduces you to a whole new grilling and smoking experience, as you can control as many devices as you wish, from anywhere in the world. You will receive a notification that your food is ready, wherever you are!

GrillEye® Hyperion is extremely easy to use for grilling and smoking beginners, as it includes a set-up wizard, an app demo tour, probe placement tips and easy to select presets that will bring you the result you wish to taste (set according to the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines for safe cooking).

At the same time, GrillEye® Hyperion app is completely customizable for pitmasters who wish to take total control of their cooking experience. You can plan every step of each meal with “time to ready estimates”, and repeat every successful one with “Sessions”.

It’s all about ease and taste!

Wireless connection to Cloud
Multiple Wi-Fi® networks support
Automatic Wi-Fi® selection
Display resolution to 0.1°
Automatically divided to number of probes connected
Direct sunlight readable
Night readable
360° rotating body
Strong magnetic mount
USB Type-C connectivity
Rechargeable battery
Offers up to 48 hours of use with screen-saving option enabled
Clips for ambient temperature readings
Since the temperature in a grill or smoker may vary by area, it’s as important to know the ambient temperature, as it is for the internal temperature of food

Always like new
GrillEye® Max and GrillEye® Hyperion app are automatically updated to new releases

Made for your ease
Set-up wizard and app guide installed
Probe placement tips
Time-to-ready estimates
USDA-ready presets
Custom and customizable presets
Custom timer with alarm
Graphs with advanced filtering and export options
Device alarm activation / deactivation for overnight smoking
Supports Fahrenheit and Celsius scale
Multi-language and easy to use app
Compatible with iOS & Android devices
Battery Specs
Type: Li-Ion, 2500 mAh

Life: Up to 48+ hours*
*screen-saving option enabled


Max tolerance

Measurement range
-40°C to 300°C

Dimensions & Weight
6 cm

13 cm

Net weight
240 gr