Kosmos Q Sweet Smoke BBQ Sauce

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TRANSFORM ORDINARY MEAT: Sick of unremarkable, tasteless meat? Our award-winning, Sweet Smoke BBQ sauce will take your cooking to the next level, transforming poultry and beef into lip-smacking, head-turning, delicious meat that is sure to “wow” even the toughest of BBQ critics. You’ll soon find yourself being asked to host all of the family barbecues and tailgates!

A FLAVOR EXPLOSION: This delicious BBQ sauce is the perfect balance of sweet and smoky, delivering a mouthwatering explosion of savory, tangy, and sweet flavor. Kosmos signature blend of spices combines with hints of pineapple, ancho chili pepper and natural smoke to give a bold flavor to your creations with a mild, yet thrilling, smoky accent unlike any other that your tastebuds will crave.

EASY TO USE: Our BBQ Sauce will add knock-your-socks-off flavor to just about any meat! Whether you use it as a rib glaze, marinade, dipping sauce, wing coating, or condiment for burgers and hot dogs, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy sweet-smelling and deliciously succulent meat with our infinitely customizable sauce!

ALL THINGS BARBECUE: With a versatile flavor that is great for kickin’ up almost anything, this BBQ Sauce is not only a fantastic seasoning or glaze for a variety of meats, including chicken, pork, beef and seafood, but also the perfect sauce for spicing up your other favorite foods. You can use it as a pizza sauce or condiment and enhance the flavor of casseroles, potatoes, baked beans and more!